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What is de meaning about two zeros in the end of Nat like this one: Nat (inside) 1 xx.xx.xx.x 0 0

I have a PIX 506, and I am still getting used to working with it. I have an existing config that works fine
I need explanations about 0 0 zeros in the end of the nat rules. what is the meaning of this two zeros?
in the nat rul like: nat (inside) 1 xx.xx.xx.x 0 0!
Is there someone who can help me?

It simply stands for

It simply stands for or in other words any any.So in your case, it states translate everything that belongs to this network - xx.xx.xx.x It is going to match up against your global which would have the same number id of 1. While a NAT 0 is being used, it means dont nat that traffic at all.