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redirecting we traffic from DMZ to Internal server

Dear All
I need your help.
it's very very urgent please spare some time for me.

I'm facing a problem with my PIX.

lets get the scenario first.

my PIX has three zones Inside, Outside and DMZ.
dmz with Public IP.
I've IIS server in the DMZ( and another web server inside zone(
I've configured two IP's in the ISS server lets take &6
I mapped one public IP to the IIS server in the DMZ (X.X.X.100 to
another public X.X.X.101 TO

now in the server if any traffic comes to the from the public IP X.X.X.101 will be redirected to Inside web server ip through the ISS server in DMZ.
if the traffic comes on X.X.X.100 will be for the ISS server.

I did another mapping in the firewall for to redirect the traffic to the Internal web server like I've taken one virtual IP in DMZ e.g
like static(dmz, inside) netmask

and in the ISS server I configured to redirect the traffic to if traffic comes on X.X.X.101 OR

it works fine when we try to accress the it redirects to and we get the page.
but when I'm trying the same from ourside or inside the redirected page can be found.

please suggest what to do.

thanks in adv