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Error on Pushing Policy

I saw an error while pushing policy in the firewall.. the error was

Reason: Load on module failed - Failed to load security policy
Policy installation failed..

When i try fw fetch from the CLI

error was....
"/opt/CPfw1-50-03/state/__tmp/FW1/local.ft", line 2887: Duplicate entries in table
Cannot get Security Policy from local: No such file or directory
Failed to Load Security Policy: No such file or directory
Fetching Security Policy Failed

any one could help me on this.

This could be because there

This could be because there are duplicate objects with the same ip address - pretty much what the error states. You might have to find and delete one object if there are duplicate objects. You can search for duplicate objects from Smartdashboard using the search feature. Once you find the duplicate object, you delete the one that is not used in the policy.If both are used, you might have to replace one object with the other, delete the unused IP object and repush the policy.