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Configuring VRRP Interface on a Nokia Checkpoint Firewall

This article will show you how to configure VRRP on a Nokia Checkpoint Firewall.
What needs to be done:

Enable the interface on the secondary and primary firewall, assign it ip address/netmask, interface speed etc.

Configure the Gateway Cluster object on the Checkpoint policy.Add interfaces to the secondary and primary with the ip and netmask. Verify and push the policy.

Do this on the secondary and then on the primary:
VRRP Configuration
1.Click Interface
2.Click on the logical interface, example eth-s5p1c0
3.Scroll all the way down and click on VRRP
4.You will see Legacy VRRP Configuration. Click on the Monitored tab for the logical interface which is eth-s5p1c0 and click APPLY
5.Enter the "Create Virtual Router" number , example 57 and hit APPLY
6.Enter the priority value ( ex:100), Hello Interval (ex 1) and the Backup Address which is the VRRP address and hit APPLY
7.If the interfaces are being monitored and there are delta specified, then enter values for those.
8. save config.